In the modern world where physical health is given priority, everyone is advised to go to their medical doctor for a 'physical' --- to discover your state of health.  This is fine as God cares for our physical well being even when life on earth is temporal.  The sad part is that some people stop from here.  I believe we should also have a time of reflection and evaluate our spiritual condition and direction.  Actually, our spiritual health should be a priority over all the others.  Paul says that keeping physically fit has value, but godliness has greater value as it holds promise for both 'the present life and the life to come' (1 Timothy 4:8).  

Let us consider three ways in which we can keep spiritually fit.  1.  To honestly and humbly come before God asking the Holy Spirit to search the heart.  You see, we can unknowingly ignore or resist the conviction or gentle nudging of God on aspects of our lifestyle, but if we consciously invite God for an evaluation God will effectively and clearly show us where we need to adjust or turn around (Psalm 139:23-24; John 16:13).  2.  The practice of self-denial.  Oh, this teaching of Jesus is being ignored by many modern preachers and believers today.  But the words of Jesus still rings true (Matthew 16:24).  You will find prosperity preachers today ignoring admonitions like this because it goes against 'instant gratification'.  It goes against their hype of 'give us more money' and 'God will reward you with greater riches.'  Yes, in Christ we have the liberty to be and do many things, but if it will affect someone adversely we ought to abstain from certain practices.  We may have good incomes and be able to live large, but how about curbing some excessive spending and giving more to the cause of the Gospel instead?  To win more people, Paul ignored his privileges and became all things to all people --- being flexible without compromising the Gospel (1 Corinthians 9:19-23).

3.  Pressing forward to the heavenly goal Jesus has for us (Philippians 3:14).  Jesus dislikes complacency and clearly said so to the church in Laodicea (Revelation 3:14-22).  Do you have a goal at all?  Determine to be and do all that God has called you for.  Ask God to reveal your destiny and press forward.  Begin praying and get to action on the things God places on your heart.  You have been given talents and Jesus expects eternal profits out of them --- when you exercise them to the best of your ability.  Have you given your best?  Or sitting lazy?  Hey, Jesus is coming soon, so get straight and get to work!