Scripture Outline Nehemiah 1:1-11

Teamwork in God’s ministry is very important; the Church grows faster and healthier when there is a good teamwork. We are a team in rebuilding the kingdom of God through SBC.

The rebuilding of the walls of Jerusalem symbolizes an act all believers should undertake. God calls each of us to rebuild the walls of our life, our family and the life of others.

The book of Nehemiah shows us a five-step process that drives Nehemiah’s action- a process that is relevant today: (1) concern, (2) confession, (3) commitment, (4) courage and (5) caution.

Give a careful thought to your ways. It is time to arise and rebuild your Jerusalem. If you have no time, have no concern for your own Jerusalem, who will care for it? Look at the attacks of the enemies on God’s people- not so much from external forces, but look at the forces of darkness that are penetrating into the heart of our Jerusalem. Friends, do you have any concern for the broken walls in your life, in our families, in your society? We are responsible to rebuild the broken walls.

Rebuilding the wall of Jerusalem was God’s work, but Nehemiah was instrumental in this project. God stirred up Nehemiah and enabled him to rebuild the broken walls.

The story of Nehemiah is a reminder to us that God’s works are accomplished when God’s people start doing something. This should encourage us to do more, to give more and even to sacrifice more. It should also motivate us to get busy with God’s business.”Therefore, my dear brothers and sister, stand firm, Let nothing move you. Always give yourselves fully to the work of the Lord, because you know that your labor in the Lord is not in vain” (1 Cor.15:58). God wants to work through you and me.

Secondly, the work of God happens most effectively when everyone participates. Judeans of both genders, from various occupations, diverse locations, and social classes—all joined in the great restoration project. The wall was complete in record time (6:15) because everybody participated. We need participation of every member if we are to accomplish great things for God. You can certainly do something- through prayer, giving whatever you can, and encouraging others to participate. Let us join our hands to complete the good work.

I would like to encourage each member of our church to do the following:

1.     Pray for God’s guidance. If you pray, “Lord, I’m willing; show me where to serve,” He will respond,  he will guide you.

2.   Look out for opportunity to involve. Often God calls us into ministries right where we are, when we are already too busy. Your section of the wall may be right in front of you.

3.     Consult with Christian friends, talk and discuss about the ministries opportunities. Get involved in the activities of the church.

4.     Follow your heart, have a passion, have a compassion for the Lord’s work.

5.  Utilize your God given talent and gifts in the various ministries of the church.

It requires Total Participation. It is teamwork;

God intends to do His work through His people. God is calling you and me to rebuild the walls of our life, our family and life of others. Yes, the Church of Christ needs your wholehearted participation. You are needed and important in His work.

Certainly, you have a role to play. “Come, let us rebuild the wall our Jerusalem”, let us be involved in the work of the kingdom of God. May God bless us as we begin the good works of rebuilding in our own generation ! God bless you !!


-  Rev. K.C. Gaila (Pastor-in-charge, SBC)